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Cretaceous owing: sequencing laissez

Sequencing more genomes and developing tools that are more able to detect and correctly date ancient polyploidy events may unveil correlations between polyploidy and evolutionary changes that are.

To what extent do we owe our much-celebrated human intelligence to sexual selection. When Spencer co-opted natural selection to substantiate laissez-faire capitalism and oppose the "poor laws", he.

Jurassic and Cretaceous gastropods from hydrocarbon seeps in forearc basin and accretionary prism settings, California STEFFEN KIEL, KATHLEEN A. CAMPBELL, WILLIAM P. ELDER, and CRISPIN T.S. LITTLE

Owing to their great diversity and abundance, ammonites and belemnites represented key elements in Mesozoic food webs. Because of their extreme ontogenetic size increase by up to three orders of magnitude, their position in the food webs likely changed during ontogeny.

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Biogeochemical and stable carbon isotopic analysis of black-shale sequences deposited during an Albian oceanic anoxic event (112 million years ago) indicate that up to 80 weight percent of sedimentary organic carbon is derived from marine, nonthermophilic archaea. The carbon-13 content of archaeal molecular fossils indicates that these archaea were living chemoautotrophically.

Despite early stability, by the Middle Jurassic and into the Cretaceous, ichthyosaur ecospace diversity has begun to contract dramatically; the complete loss of specialized feeders like Eurhinosaurus and the apex predator ecospace with the extinction of Temnodontosaurus resulted in continual occupation of only two ecotypes: E and G (figures (figures1 1 and and2). 2). By the Late Cretaceous, ichthyosaurs occupied only two of a possible seven proposed ecospaces (not including theoretical.

The metallogenic strata of typical uranium deposits in the central and northern Erlian Basin are Saihan Formation of Lower Cretaceous, which is divided into three third-order sequences, the main ore-bearing layers are developed in the uppermost sequence (Zhao et al., 2018a, Zhao et al., 2018b).

2010. Tinamous and moa flock together: mitochondrial genome sequence analysis reveals independent losses of flight among ratites. Systematic Biology 59, 90-107. Prager, E. M., Wilson, A. C., Osuga, D..

CRETACEOUS AQUIFERS. The aquifer overlies and in places is hydraulically interconnected with water-yielding sands of the Trinity aquifer. The upper part of the Tokio-Woodbine aquifer consists of the Tokio Formation, which is a sequence of cross-bedded sand, gravel, and lignitic clay that grades downdip to sand and shale.

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