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Press One For English, All Others Hang-up

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"Press ‘1’ for English" sounds right, FC. In the U.S. these days, the instructions for Spanish-speakers are typically given in Spanish when you call some company on the phone. This is a reasonably accurate interpretation of what Spanish-speakers typically hear: To listen to these options in Spanish, press ‘2’.

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Here's why it would be better if you just hang up on fake tech support.. At the other end is someone claiming to be from “Microsoft Technical.. 1. Fake Tech Support Scammers Will Keep Trying. Telephone scams return.. Here was John , speaking with a thick Indian accent in English to me and I live in the Netherlands .

For years I have been saying we are not doing immigrants any favors by having phone prompts in other languages except for English. One of the first things an immigrant should do when they get here is to learn the English language. After all, that is the language of America.

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South Koreans use Koreanised English quite often, particularly for words. ” Since this will be a first meeting, the two sides will be spending some time getting to know each other, and.. On one hand, its eagerness to leave China reflects the volatility in the market, Additional reporting by Reuters and Associated Press.

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Press 2 for english fix immigration, Save America [S. Rob Sobhani Ph.D.] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The son of immigrants, Rob Sobhani, Ph. D. was raised with a deep love of America and an appreciation of its legacy of open doors. Today he fears the fallout from an immigration policy that is completely out of control.